VzF Taunus


Frühförderstelle VzF Taunus
Landwehr 5
61440 Oberursel

Contact details

Tel:06171 8871523
Fax:06171 8871522

Opening/consultation hours

Mon-Fri: 08:00 – 16:00
Also by appointment

Contact person (for networking and cooperation)

J. Winkels-Herding (Ltg. IFF-Stelle)


The interdisciplinary early intervention centre in Oberursel offers all children, who are not developing as they should for their age in terms of motor or sensory capacities, verbally, emotionally and/or socially, individual guidance and consultation as well as medical and therapeutic care. Therapies provided include:

  • Ergotherapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech therapy 
  • Hippotherapy

For all day care centres and parents of the children who attend them, we offer specialised childcare counselling. If questions arise concerning anomalies in the development or behaviours of a child in the group, if there are questions concerning enrolment or individual integration measures, the social specialist from our early intervention centre will be happy to help you.


“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)

Each child can be given competent therapy and encouragement from their birth to when they start school, whether they have had serious impairment or symptoms since birth or merely partial disabilities.


Our therapy and intervention processes are holistic and family-oriented. This is why discussion and interdisciplinary communication between parents and all specialists (doctors and educators) involved in supporting the child are so important.


Our committed specialised employees have a wide range of further qualifications and include tutors, a psychologist, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and physiotherapists.

Target group/eligibility criteria

These services are available until the children start school.

Costs/admission requirements

All parents who are concerned about the development of their children can have a free advice session.

Therapeutic counselling can follow after the presentation of a doctor’s prescription.

Specialised childcare advice is free of charge.

Important cooperation partners

Day care facilities
Social education centre (Sozial-Pädagogischen Zentrums or SPZ)