Katholische Familienbildungsstätte Taunus
Vincenzstraße 29
65719 Hofheim

Contact details

Tel:06192 290313
Fax:06192 290326

Opening/consultation hours

Tues, Wed, and Fri: 10:00 – 13:00
Thurs: 14:00 – 16:00


The Catholic Family Education Centre is directed towards mothers, fathers, and other legal guardians. The aim is to foster parenting skills and to accompany families throughout the various stages of life.

“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)

Services for parents with children less than a year old:

  • “Wellcome” projects - practical postnatal support
  • PerLe (positive first year) groups
  • PEKiP (Prague Parent-Child Programme) groups

Parent-child groups for parents with children starting at 8 months to 3 years of age
Parent evenings on various parenting topics
ADHD parent training
Single parent groups



Our services are aimed primarily at mothers and fathers in the early stages of parenthood.


Ellen Steyer, Director
Anette Klippert-Nesswetter, Management

Apart from these associates, we work together with a large pool of volunteers from a wide range of fields such as educational science, psychology, health, law, and the creative sector.

Foreign languages competencies/knowledge in the area of migration

German-Czech parent-child group in Oberursel
International open doors get-together with advice for mothers of small children in Steinbach

Target group/eligibility criteria

Fathers and mothers learning about their role as parents
Single parents
Legal guardians

Costs/admission requirements

Our services are open to all who are interested, please see our service list for the corresponding participation costs.
In situations of financial difficulty, a reduction in course fees is possible.

Important cooperation partners

Parents, legal guardians, establishments who advise parents as to their responsibilities, supporting and guiding them.