Hochtaunus district maternity clinic


Geburtsklinik Hochtaunuskreis
Zeppelinstraße 20
61352 Bad Homburg

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Birth assistance

Imagine that you are going to have a baby … 
… supported by committed midwives and doctors
… in a delivery ward with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere
… in the care of paediatricians who are on hand if there are any complications

Imagine that you could … 
… discover your own, personal path through childbirth
… get to know your baby in complete peace for the first few days
… start your life as a family with a lot of support from (children’s) nurses

Welcome to the Hochtaunus clinics!

The “Bad Homburg model”

The Bad Homburg model offers a comfortable setting starting in the 36th week of pregnancy, with no compromise on the safety of mother and child in the case of complications as well as lower referral rates and a wide-ranging prenatal care package. 
During your time with us, we provide you with a personal midwife as well as a labour room with a bed for your partner, in addition to three comfortable birthing rooms, each with access to a birthing tub, because 
we want you to feel at home.

We offer you and your baby the very best in medical care, even if complications arise, through the constant availability of our gynaecologists, paediatricians, and anaesthetists, because 
we want you to feel safe.

From the very first minutes of their lives, we support the bonding between you and your baby, which is also made possible even if the child is ill, because 
we want you to become a family.

Our paediatricians will examine your baby using a fully comprehensive care package (U1, U2 daily after their 4th day of life, hearing tests, ultrasound of hips and abdominal organs, further metabolism screenings, and further diagnostics and continued treatments if necessary), because
we want you to feel calm.

We look forward to meeting you!

“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)
  • “Parent’s school” course
  • Birth preparation
  • Pregnant gymnastics
  • Acupuncture
  • Postnatal gymnastics
  • Midwife consultations
  • Parent-child courses
  • Baby massage
  • Breastfeeding get-together (Stillcafé)
  • Nordic Walking club

Kontakt/Ansprechpartner (für Netzwerkarbeit und Kooperation)

OAde Dr. med. W. Scheib


Siehe Angebot a) einzige Klinik Hessenweit mit Kinderärzten „24/7“ nur für den Kreißsaal



Team der Frauenklinik bestehend aus Hebammen, Kinderkrankenschwestern, ärztliches Personal mit Geburtshelfern und Kinderärzten


a) alle Schwangeren
b) Schwangere in Not
c) alle bei uns Entbundenen

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