Familientreff e.V.


Familientreff e.V.
Schulstraße 27a
61440 Oberursel

Contact details

Opening/consultation hours

Office hours: 
Tues-Thur: 10:00 – 12:00

Contact person (for networking and cooperation)


Ms. Evi Bosselmann and Ms. Tanja Rotert


Open doors get-togethers (breakfast, afternoon tea, breakfast for dads, playgroups).
Annual events (spring/autumn bazaar, summer festival, St. Martin parade).
Varying courses (Fabel® courses, simple parent-baby courses, prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, baby massage, first aid for babies and small children, Kids Kung Fu for 4 - 6 year-olds), music garden for babies and toddlers, PEKiP® courses, “From big to small” (Von Große für Kleine) talk series – varying topics for parents such as parenting children between 0 - 3 years, nutrition, dental health, etc.).

“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)

Courses (see list under: Services)
Starke Eltern – Starke Kinder® (Strong parents - strong children) – parenting course for families with children between 0 - 3 years (will run only if there are enough requests).
Educational science and development psychology counselling for parents with children between 0 - 3 years. (Private counselling upon request. Please contact Familientreff).


Familientreff e.V. has existed since 1988 and was previously a centre for mothers.
The focus is on supporting young families and helping them to network.

Facilities can also be rented for private events.


Elected board of directors (currently: Juliane Kraft, Karen Saes, Katharina Rehbein, Nicole Wohnhaas, Vanessa Flott)

Office staff (currently: Evi Bosselmann, Tanja Rotert)

Foreign languages competencies/knowledge in the area of migration

English / Portuguese / Spanish (Ms. Karen Saes)

Target group/eligibility criteria

Young families (especially those with children between 0 - 3 years)
Pregnant women
Those interested in educational science

Costs/admission requirements

Family membership: €42 per annum 
Sustaining membership: €24 per annum
Other costs will vary depending on the service