Oberursel Parental Support Service


Elternberatung Oberursel
Hospitalstrasse 9
61440 Oberursel

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Dipl.Päd. Inken Seifert-Karb

Marianne Schüller


“Oberursel Parental Support Service: Advice centre for mothers and fathers with infants and young children” is a facility in the town of Oberursel (Taunus) and offers families in Oberursel wide-ranging counselling courses free of charge, dealing with general and specific questions about the pregnancy, birth, and the first three years of a child’s life. 
The advice centre works in accordance with the guidelines of the GAIMH (German-Speaking Association for Infant Mental Health) and the German Midwives’ Association e.V.

“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)

Open consultation hours: Mon, Tues, Thur: 10:00-12:00 and Wed: 13:00 - 15:00

Individual meetings by appointment, advice on general and specific questions on the emotional and physical health of a child after birth and during their first three years, questions on partnership and families, “cry-baby” consultations, counselling for exhaustion and anger as a parent, pre- and postnatal depression.

Parent-child courses: baby massage, emotional and physical development of infants and small children, nutrition, parenting questions in the second and third year after birth.

Advice for childminders and playgroup supervisors, 
Counselling for grandparents


The “Oberursel Parental Support Service” was founded in 1991 (as part of a new concept of municipal support for mothers) and is one of the first three advice centres for mothers and fathers with infants and small children in Germany. The advice centre was awarded the German League for the Child’s “Early Childhood Prevention Prize” (Präventionspreis Frühe Kindheit) in Berlin in 2002. The advice centre carried out its own research project on “early recognition of strain in the early parent-child relationship” between 2004 and 2008. This pilot study was financed by the Federal State of Hesse, the German League for the Child, the Hertie Foundation, and the Lions Club, among others. With the “Oberursel Parental Support Service”, the town of Oberursel (Taunus) was a partner community in the 2009/2010 NZFH research project (National Centre for Early On Support).

Some publications:
Journal: Early childhood 4/04 (2004):
The emotional wellbeing of young families in public health, www.liga.kind.de:
Brochure (2008): Early on support near you 
Survey results 1991-2005, published by: The Town of Oberursel (Taunus)


Dipl.Päd. Inken Seifert-Karb
Psychoanalytical couple and family therapists (Bundesverband Psychoanalytische Paar- und Familientherapie or BvPPF)
Parent, infant, and small child psychotherapy (GAIMH)
Interaction diagnostics, supervision, further training

Marianne Schüller
Family midwife (German Midwives’ Association, Deutscher Hebammenverband or DHV)
Development guidance and diagnostics (GAIMH)
Specialist advisor for infant and child nutrition (Association of Independent Health Advisors, Verband für Unabhängige Gesundheitsberatung or UGB)
Further training

Foreign languages competencies/knowledge in the area of migration

English and French

Further training in psychoanalytical social therapy (BvPPF)

Target group/eligibility criteria

Expecting parents, families with infants and small children, or preschool children (if the family has previously received counselling or there are other siblings under 3).

Families who do not live in Oberursel can only be advised for short periods of time in exceptional circumstances and if there are available personnel.

Costs/admission requirements

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