Diakonisches Werk Hochtaunus


Diakonisches Werk Hochtaunus
Heuchelheimer Straße 20
61348 Bad Homburg

Contact details

Tel: 06172-59766-0
Fax: 06172 308837

Opening/consultation hours

08:00 to 17:00

Contact person (for networking and cooperation)

Ms. Sheila Korte
Certified Social Worker

  • Pregnancy counselling
  • Pregnancy counselling for those afflicted by epilepsy
  • Pregnancy counselling for those afflicted by psychological illness
  • Counselling for conflict during pregnancy as per §219
  • Family planning counselling
  • Mother-child treatments
  • General life coaching
  • Online advice at: www.evangelische-beratung.info/skb-hochtaunus.de (anonymous)
“Early On Support” services (0 – 6 years)

We advise and support you

  • when applying to the Federal Mother and Child Foundation (Bundesstiftung Mutter und Kind) in order to receive financial support for pregnancy necessities and basic equipment.
  • for all legal, health, and social questions relating to the pregnancy and the stages which follow.
  • for all questions relating to entitlements according to social legislation such as parental allowance, child allowance, one-time grants, or church foundations.Counselling for conflict during pregnancy as per §219.

We offer advice to women, men, and couples when it comes to conflict during the pregnancy. Making personal decisions is the focus of the counselling process. In any case, you will also receive a legally-required counselling attestation.


We aim to comprehensively answer the questions of all who come to us for advice and, if necessary, to work together openly in order to find solutions.

We guarantee confidentiality. Anonymous online counselling is available at: www.evangelische-beratung.net/skb-hochtaunus

Foreign languages competencies/knowledge in the area of migration


Target group/eligibility criteria
  • All pregnant women
  • Pregnant women in need
  • Families
Costs/admission requirements

Not applicable