The town congratulates all parents on the birth of a child, because it is important that young families feel welcome and at home in Oberursel.

When a child is born, family life will change in many ways. You will experience both happy moments and new challenges. There are many things that need to be done, even though parents would like to have a break to catch their breath once in a while. Looking after their own needs as well as those of their family members is not always easy.

Alongside all the joy of having a baby, mothers and fathers often have many questions at this stage such as:

  • Is my child developing correctly?
  • Am I doing anything wrong?
  • What provisions are there for babies and young children in Oberursel?
  • How do I meet other parents?
  • Will I be able to get a spot at a day care centre later on?
  • Who can I turn to when I am feeling completely exhausted?

This is where our community would like to offer you support, through people who stand alongside young families. The local service “Great to have you” offers a voluntary welcome visit to all families.

Ms. Verena Winterle and other family visitors greet all young families in the town with a small welcome gift and provide information on services for all ages in Oberursel. These family visitors are ready to listen to any queries parents may have.

If parents would prefer not to have the welcome visit, their welcome gift can still be picked up from the “Welcome from the very beginning - Early On Support Oberursel” Department at the town hall, Room E 57 B or from the town’s parental support service office.