From birth until their 11th birthday (U1 to U11), and with two further check-ups before their 18th birthday, your child has the right to a total of 13 medical examinations.

These examinations can be carried out by any paediatrician, are all legally insured, and are free of charge until U9.

This also includes a vaccination programme to protect against dangerous and infectious diseases.

These check-ups will professionally examine the general health and age-specific development of your child at regular yearly intervals, and the details will be recorded in a yellow children’s check-up booklet.

Do not to forget any of the appointments!

Each consecutive check-up is another chance to spot any potential problems and difficulties in your child’s mental and physical development at an early stage, so that you and your child can be provided with more targeted support if necessary.

You can find more detailed information on individual early detection examinations U1-U11 by going to:

On this page, you will be able to print an appointment calculator based on your child’s date of birth.