“Are they sleeping through the night yet?” This is probably one of the most frequent questions you will hear as parents of a baby and/or young child. Perhaps you too have sometimes been surprised by how many people suddenly take an interest in your family’s sleep. And you have probably long since learned that when you are more rested, it is much easier to answer such questions calmly, even if the previous night with your own child was sleepless once again.

Most parents also know all too well that this calm can be gone very quickly when sleepless nights begin the pile up or there are long periods when evening after evening your child takes forever to finally fall asleep, to wake up only a short while later, and doing so several times in one night.

However, childhood insomnia is part of their development and is completely normal for a certain period of time. This is because babies need to first gradually develop some kind of stable sleep/wake rhythm. This rhythm can be disrupted many times as the child grows older, for which there are other reasons linked to their development.

All the same, around 30% of all physically healthy babies and young children display childhood insomnia. Even after a short time, this can become very straining for the whole family. In this situation, it is not only necessary to carefully identify those restless phases that are purely due to the child’s development but also to ease the strain as soon as possible in order to prevent long-term aggravation in the parent-child relationship and in the relationship of the parents as a couple.

For all questions regarding the development of your child’s sleep/wake rhythm, your Oberursel family is here for you at the “Oberursel Parental Support Service: Advice centre for mothers and fathers with infants and young children”, with open consultation hours or an individual appointment system, all free of charge. Qualified specialists will advise you in a quiet and peaceful setting and help you and your child(ren) find the way back to more restful nights and a relaxed family life as quickly as possible.

Oberursel Parental Support Service: Advice centre for mothers and fathers with infants and young children (Elternberatung Oberursel-Beratungsstelle für Mütter und Väter mit Säuglingen und Kleinkindern)
Hospitalstrasse 9, 61440 Oberursel
Tel.: 06171 / 585358 or email: elternberatung@oberursel.de
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If we are unable to offer you a timely appointment due to capacity reasons or you do not live in Oberursel, we will be happy to connect you with another specialist centre of one of our partners.